Child Model: Caitlyn

caitlyn Child Modeling is a popular topic and subject I get asked about quite a bit.  When I was in Los Angeles I specialized in photographing modeling porfolios for young children and teens.  Although the Northwest is better know for it's technology and amazing coffee, you might be surprised to know just how much work there is for print and commercial models of the pint size variety!  (We've got a lot of major players here in Expedia, Nintendo, Microsoft, Starbucks...need I go on?)

I thought it be fun to show an updated headshot session for prokid: Caitlyn.  If you're thinking...she looks familiar, you're right. Caitlyn has been featured in spots for national advertisers like Qwest and Lands End.   In just these few frames you're seeing what makes this little girl so special.  Her ability to change emotion, pose and features is 10x more important than just being crazy cute...which oh my goodness, how cute is this kid?