Maternity Portrait: Taylor

Taylor Maternity Portrait As a kid I had about 20 Barbie Dolls --  and photographing Mom-to-Be, Taylor took me right back to those days!  Major dress up and changing of clothes during this session.  Apart from her most obvious beauty, the thing that was so fun about Taylor was how smiley and positive she was from start to finish. She was totally up for anything. Now, I'm showing you this fantasy look, but for those of you who have been pregnant, you know that this isn't exactly "daily" fair during gestation.  For me, I was typically in the most comfortable (read: stretchy) outfit I could find.  Taylor is no exception and since Daddy-to-be is on duty abroad, she also brought a pair of HIS sweats to be photographed in...picture, just the baby belly and soft fleece, TOO cute.  This brings up a good point about maternity sessions...or any photo shoot really. When we're planning a portrait session, we're always thinking about how personalizing the experience through clothing, location, or even music can make the final images so much more meaningful.