Graduation Pictures: Danielle

danielle Alright...I have favorites, I do.  Does it make it make me a terrible person that I'm admitting that?  This is my second time photographing Danielle and yep, you guessed it -- she's in the "favorites" club.  In point of fact, her entire family is firmly "in" but since we're all about Danielle, I'll not jump off topic.  Her energy is great and she's super creative.  She makes it so much job is just to keep up with her.  Let me tell you, there is nothing more disappointing than setting the camera down for a split second and then having her do something totally now, I'm trained -- NO setting it down. 

Oh...I should probably mention, we were doing this photo shoot to announce Danielle's acceptance to UW (my school, great choice, Go Dawgs).  Hoping this explains the purple gold theme.  This has been our season for college-bound seniors and even though it pains me...we will even do them for Cougars :-)  I have another shot of Danielle on the Studio B Seniors site.