Baby Portrait: Rubin Boys

rubin I had my best laugh of the day during this photo shoot.  A "white on white" photo shoot seemed like a REALLY good idea when I thought of it in my head.  Angelic, innocent...a perfect fit for Jackson and his new baby brother Cody.  Mom Annette owns Belli Skincare and I guess somewhere in the back (and front) of my mind...I wanted something that matched the purity and aesthetic of what she created for herself on her baby-centric company website.  If you're just looking at these gorgeous shots, you're likely thinking.  Check the box -- job well done.  But honestly...what's funny about that?  Nooooo, the true comedy was the meticulous styling, the intricate lighting and one explosive diaper just 23 seconds after we started the photo shoot.  I'm not certain you have ever seen 4 grown women move as quickly as we all did....and Cody -- just a knowing and satisfied expression.  Good times!