Professional Headshot: The Importance of Staying Current

Labay Hard to believe these images were made just 16  months apart, right?  Like many women, Mary Lee likes to keep her "look", clothes etc, up to date and current.  When she noticed that changing her hairstyle had completely altered her overall appearance -- she called to update her headshot. SO smart!  Part of a professional presentation and the trust you build with your clients is (to state the obvious) based on appearance.  (I've said it a million times -- you can't do business in 2009 with a business photo from 1984.)  Mary Lee , was gorgeous a year ago and clearly a really pretty lady today and it would have been very easy to fall into the "I'm too busy" reason to wait -- but she didn't.  With all of the digital and traditional social & business networking -- professional head shots are even more important in todays competitive market.