Senior Pictures: Mattison

mattie Had SO much with fun Mattison from Issaquah High School.  She is absolutely the model (pun intended) for how to have a great Senior Portrait Session for the Class of 2010.  Senior Pictures are a huge milestone and it's the time to be yourself and express all of the things that make you who your are right now.  As you can see...Mattison has a lot going on!   With a passion for horses, I was surprised that the pony we photographed her with was her yellow Mustang but with a fresh wash and wax -- it (and she) looked totally glam!  Loved the studio shots of her too and picked the one I'm showing here because it's the perfect example of rembering all of the DETAILS that are so important for a photo shoot (dressing head to toe).  Of course the best and most perfect thing that she included was a great personality. Mattie was a total doll and the sweetness really came through in her film.