Child Model: Mihir

Child model at Studio B Portraits Aspiring professional child model Mihir visited Studio B for his first ever headshot session and OH MY GOODNESS could he be any cuter?  We did a little "Gap-esque" holiday card design featuring this sweet little 2-year-old and I can only imagine this will be just the beginning for him.  Since we work with many youth models, I get asked a lot about how to get started, what is legitimate and what are the scams.  I've said it before but it's worth repeating.  There are a few reputable agencies with children's divisions that cater to the major advertisers in the Northwest.  Here's the #1 rule...there is never any upfront costs above and beyond current portfolio pictures.  Agents get paid a percentage of your income once they have sent you on an audition and you have secured the job.  If you're asked upfront for money...these can be classes, tutorials or trainings...but they are not agents.