Family Portraits: Reichlin

So I get an email this morning that literally makes me laugh out loud.  Meet Analiisa...mother to these three beautiful children above.  Like every Mom with young kids...on the morning of their portrait session she was directing air traffic control in trying to get everyone to the studio, looking cute in spite of rain, fashionably coordinated, fed and rested for what she hoped would be a photogenic family portrait.  Her email was a most witty inquiry as to the results of her efforts -- again...please see evidence of her success as illustrated by the beautiful family moments above.  (Since I'm not at liberty to give the specific details of her message, I'll simply add a link to her Studio 3 Music Blog and let her tell it in her own words.)  The Reichlin Family is a perfect example of what makes for a great photo shoot with children -- YES, you need to dress cute, YES you better have amazing lighting and a fab photographer but most importantly -- you must embrace the CRAZY that is your clan :-)   Years from's the personality...not the perfection that will always make you smile & touch your heart.