Redmond High School Senior Pictures at Studio B featuring Sarah - Class of 2011

I "heart" Class of 2011 Sarah from Redmond High School!  (see her video photo shoot below) Seriously this girl is SO fun to photograph and the absolute epitome of just nailing the Senior Pictures experience is right here in living color.   Wardrobe and hair changes, studio sets, outdoor sets, props, serious model-rific shots to pure fun and giggles -we have it all.   Having photographed Sarah once before, I knew that she was totally game for me to get really creative during her shoot so when she came in, I told her that I had something special planned.  Since every girl dreams of being in the pages of a magazine -- I decided to make Sarah part of the fashion magazine for this first shot-- also loved this one from the same look that we used on our Studio B Fan Page Facebook Profile

As a heads up, our 2011 High School Senior Mailer was sent this week but if you're interested in June and Summer Specials you can check out the website.