Professional Family Portraits at Studio B with the McGaskey Family

Meet the McGaskey's and their new addition Baby Cameron!  Looking like I plucked them right of central casting in Hollywood, this fabulously photogenic family is an artist's dream -- and probably not for the reason you're thinking.  (Okay, a little for the reason you're thinking :-) ...I'm always an extra-super great photographer when you already come in to Studio B stunningly beautiful)  But seriously, Mom Danielle and Dad Chad just let's me "go for it" and creatively that just leaves me with a beautiful canvas to work.  This  little baby boy was asleep 95% of the session but opened his eyes just enough to sneak a peak at his big eyes and share a little grin (seriously charming at just 7 days old) We did three looks overall so these portraits are  just a little teaser --I've also added one of all three kids to the main Studio B website.