Destination Senior Pictures - golfing on-location with Issaquah High School Senior Matthew for Studio B

LOVING these shots from my Senior Pictures "road trip" with Issaquah High School Senior Matthew!  Having photographed Matt before, I knew he had a passion for golf so I suggested that we go on location for a portion of his senior portraits.  I get asked all the time how and where we make our senior portraits.  The truth is, we make nearly all of our awesome senior images right at Studio B Portraits studio in olde town Issaquah -- indoor, outdoor, urban, country...all here.  But for my clients that I have worked with many times, or a teen & parent that desires something EXTRA we do offer "destination senior sessions" like this one that we photographed at  The Club at Newcastle.  YES they are more expensive and YES due to limited availability you might have  to be up at the crack of dawn but oh-so worth it! (-- uh, perfect time to say..."thanks for meeting me at sun-up Matthew & Lisa Gaan! ":-)...just was only 9:00AM)

On a somewhat (but not really) related note, I did want to to make a priority booking announcement regarding our general Studio B Seniors and Studio B Family Summer-Fall schedule. This is hands down the busiest time of year and I've never seen us book-out so quickly.  It's really important to me that we give priority booking to our current clients and referrals by current clients but I need your help.  If you're planning to schedule with us, please contact us to reserve your senior and family session dates right now so that we can make every effort to lock in the most convenient days & times for you.  (FYI: The high schools are getting ready to announce their yearbook deadlines and when they do, we see it every's every man & woman for themselves -- a mad scramble to land a senior session ensues)