Outdoor Family Portraits - Myers Family on location in Sammamish Washington

You know, when you photograph small children you have to be ready to pull out all of your best tricks to get a great shot.  Let me now just add "dogs" to that list.  Three dogs actually.  Outdoor family portraits with the Myers Family at their Sammamish home is just gorgeous from every angle.  Mom Karole has the most amazing green thumb and everywhere you look she has grown the prettiest flowers but as we were trying to get the first shot above...the neighbor dogs were barking and distracting the Myer dog's interest from looking anywhere close to my lens.  Trying to keep my self respect intact, I ineffectively attempted to get their attention yelling, doing kissy kissy sounds and the like. I got nowhere with them until I barked. Yes, I literally barked like a dog to get all pups to focus on me at the same moment.  SUCCESS!