This guy has style - Senior Pictures featuring Issaquah High School Senior Spencer for Studio B

"Totally polite and loves his mother."  (In case you were wondering) I just thought I should at least attempt to comment on something other than Spencer's movie-star good looks :-)  But really, why bury the lead. Loved photographing this Issaquah High School Senior -- the fellas are almost always easy going but it was Spencer's quick humor and relaxed confidence that made him a natural in front of the camera. Liked his shoot so much I actually added another one of his senior pictures to the contact page on the senior website. Oh...and since I'm already gushing, I might as well point out the great choice of outfits (I actually forgot to ask if this was his doing or his Mom's but either way -- kudos to the Warren House!) They got it just right -- for the guys, you can never go wrong when you choose something dressy, something everyday, something activity and something seasonal.  For more suggestions, check out the "details" tab of the Studio B Seniors website and take a peak at the featured portfolio galleries.