Gorgeous Senior Pictures at Studio B featuring International School Senior Alysha in Issaquah near Seattle

International School Senior Alysha might be one of the most naturally beautiful girls I've ever met in person -- in the modeling world she would be called "street pretty" - meaning that if you saw her just walking down the boulevard you'd think she was a stunner (as opposed to the gals that only photograph well once they are all made up and model-rific just for the camera)  But as pretty as she is...and goodness gracious she is darling -- she has the lovliest personality.   The thing that was so fun about photographing Alysha's Senior Pictures is that she came totally prepared with the perfect accessories for each outfit  (and personal stylist...her equally beautiful Mommy).  It's was really cool to  collaborate on poses because we had a chance to not only show her off but "work" the wardrobe too!  There were so many crazy great shots but one imparticular just had to go on the main senior site...here it is!