Senior Style Done Right with Class of 2011 Senior Pictures featuring Brianna

And representing for the blonds -- meet Brianna!  With all kind of sass and style, this girl is the kind of high school senior that has me excited before we even click a frame!  Why?  It's not the obvious (although, yes pretty didn't hurt things any :-))  It was the total enthusiasm and preparation that Brianna brought to the shoot.  She was fired up to be there, brought accessories for every outfit and had a ton of fun ideas for making her senior session special.  We were rocking out to fun music (as we do here at Studio B) and I just adored this set of shots in her little layered white outfit.  And now, on a somewhat related note -- I say it all of the time but it's worth noting again (and again) -- layering, textures, jewelry, shoes, hats -- bring it all!  More is always better than leaving it in your closet and wishing you'd brought it to the studio.  And you can never go wrong with professional make-up (big shout out again to our make-up artist Sara!)