Baby style and the modern family portrait at Studio B in Issaquah

You're smiling at the screen right now aren't you? I know, she is just completely delicious.  At just 9 mos, Baby Camille is already a petite fashion plate -- Mommy had a little something to do with that I'm guessing :-)  I always laugh at baby sessions because inevitably all of the grown-ups break a sweat, and the babes have a ball.   These were just two of the many awesome baby portraits that we captured -  3 outfits total because who can stop at just one. (I actually included other favorites of the entire family on our main Studio B Portraits Family Gallery too and I just loved the blend of patterns and solids...the perfect modern family portrait.  I know our High School Senior girls get a lot of attention on this blog but if you ever wanted to know where it all begins...look no further than this beautiful angel girl!