Going Glam for Holiday Baby Portraits featuring at Studio B

It really doesn't get any more glam than a white on white holiday photo shoot-- throw in some chandelier earring sparklers and the chic just goes off the chart.  Mom first made her Studio B-log debut during her incredible maternity portrait session and again when her sweet baby girl arrived for her newborn photo shoot (Mom was so slim just 7 days post delivery you would have thought someone else carried that little mini)   Everyone that regularly reads my ramblings here already knows this...but hands down my favorite milestone to photograph babies during their first year is from 8 months to 9 months.  Love love the expressions and the fact that we can dress this  bundle of joy in so many cute outfits, put her on set and...can't walk away yet :-)  This first portrait of her above is delicious -- the cheeks...tell me you don't want to kiss those cheeks!? (clearly Mom did)