How to dress for family portraits during the holidays

I am so completely in love with the Ferrari Family.  They left the studio and my photographer's self esteem was through the roof (I am a big enough person to admit that garnering beautiful images of beautiful people in perfectly coordinated clothing might not seem like quite the amazing feat that you might be expecting to hear about...but really -- I am feeling GREAT so... here we go!)  Some of you might remember gorgeous Samantha from her Senior pictures photo shoot earlier this fall -- she came back with the entire family for their holiday portrait session and she now reigns as the Princess of Preparation for "How to Dress for a Perfect Modern Family Portrait."  Not content with simple white shirts or basic black, the Ferrari's kicked up their contemporary style arriving with no less than four choices of family outfits featuring colorful prints, pretty tops,  chic accessories and just the right mix of classic solids to keep everything harmonious.  I've said it before, but the Ferrari Family delivers it in living color -- the name of the game for capturing perfect family portraits is planning and coordination.  (Samantha even brought her hand written list of everyone's outfits (see below) That's my girl!