Branding Your Business| Professional Headshots at Studio B Portraits in Issaquah on Seattle's Eastside

If you read this blog with any type of frequency, you probably know I'm big on marketing, branding and imaging  (I was a marketing executive in my former life and some habits die hard!)-- not just for Studio B Portraits  -- but for many of my professional business clientele that know the importance of putting their best face forward.   Some, like my friend Heather of Chic Ink  are customized boutique style businesses where as the owner -- she wears many hats and is literally the face of her brand (sales, creative,  customer get the idea).  When we began talking about the imaging for Heather's new headshot it became clear that we wanted to capture the style and personality that makes her hand-made invitations so special. branding, planning is key and you can take it as far as you want.  Heather donned a blouse that mirrored the scrolling and color palette of her Chic Ink logo; we then paired it with a weathered, hand painted background. Subliminal continuity of the overall sophisticated look and feel of her website and collateral materials...NICE.  Since we're running our professional headshot special for the rest of January, I'll try to bring you a few more examples of this type of stylized business branding.