Confetti Cupcakes | Studio B Portraits Photo Shoot | Groupon Limited Offer

Two things that I love -- photography and sweets -- combine them into one event and I might explode with joy.  That was my Groupon photo shoot for Confetti Cupcakes.  If you can just imagine...The Confetti Cupcakes crew showed up with a boat load of treats including their awesome new Cake Pops and what can only be described as the most awesome red velvet cupcake I've ever eaten.   The shop is located in Issaquah on Front Street -- dangerously close to Studio B Portraits...a serious proximity issue considering I have very little self control come 3:30PM almost every work day :-)  They have an offer on Groupon for the next 2 days and if you haven't had a chance to check them out...this is the perfect steal of a deal!