Online Dating Photography | Studio B Portraits in Issaquah near Bellevue on Seattle's Eastside

I'm kind of in a unique situation in that even though I'm a happily married photographer, sometimes I think I missed my calling and really should have been a match-maker. (Not because I'm always successful at it but more because I spend A LOT of time with some truly awesome guys and gals that just happen to be single - like Anne here!) Although Studio B is known for our family sessions, senior pictures and professional head shots, we actually do quite a bit of online dating portrait sessions for single people that want amazing profile pictures for, Facebook and other popular social networking sites as well.  These shoots trend toward a more casual vibe. We keep it nice and relaxed...lots of joking around but perfect lighting and professional make-up take it to the next level so that it's "you on your best day". (Yes, a shameless plug for our Studio B tag line but also likely the way that you would show up for a first date right?!")