Who says you can't go glam in a man's world? | Issaquah WA, Headshot photographer near Bellevue

My head has been spininning with all of the great people we've been meeting and photographing head shots for this month and on a personal note...I loved that I got to wrap up the month photographing my sister Dana.  Like a lot of people, she'd rather eat bark than be photographed but since she's a gal with a penchant for changing both her hair style and color...she knows that she needs to keep her professional head shot up to date.  As a real estate developer she's as likely to be surrounded by a crew of construction workers as she would be investors on any given day.  From what I can tell...it's mostly still a male dominated industry but I figured...it's okay to still go glam in a man's world right?  (might even be an advantage!)