How to Dress for Chic Childrens Portraits | Issaquah, WA Children's Photographer

Thought we'd do another quick post about "how to dress" for professional photographs...this time creating a chic children's portrait featuring some of my very favorite kids.  I love the idea of mixing pattern, texture, and pops of color for interest but I know that this can be intimidating for a lot of Moms.  For this session we got out of the portrait studio and went on location.  I started with a color pallette of neutrals -- black, cream and brown.  I took what I loved about each of the kids and decided that I'd dress them to accentuate those features.  Ryann on the right here has beautiful blue eyes so we added a black flower hat that would skim just above her brow line and really make them pop.  Our diva Ava on the left is quite the fashionista so we added a patent leather boot and a hand knit cream head band that would showcase her gorgeous cocoa curls.  I could go on and on but it's probably just easier to show you more images right?  We've added more images from this session to our Facebook page.