Senior Pictures Model Student |Mercer Island High School Kristin | Portrait Studio, Issaquah WA

Oh how I love a great model photo shoot and since we are on quite the roll here at Studio B with introducing our new team of 2012 Senior Models, I wanted you to meet Kristin--  one of Mercer Island High School's finest!   A large of part of these Spring Senior Pictures photo  shoots is to create the campaign images that we'll use in our upcoming print and online  advertising but also equally important -- helping other 2012 Seniors with fashion  inspiration for their own Summer Sessions.  Kristin has such a natural ease in front of the camera and a Ralph Lauren meets Anthropology fashion sensibility.  That said,  I think you might be surprised to find out just how low maintenance this beauty really is -- she brought  three entire  outfits worth of clothes in just that bag on her shoulder, effortlessly changed her hair right on set and even when it rained...she didn't bat one perfectly poised eyelash.   Of course I couldn't stop with just these shots...we've got more on our  Studio B Seniors website and Facebook too.