Patient Appreciation Program at CPM Ortho | Studio B Portraits Issaquah WA

So this post has me fired up!  First, look at Emma's 100-watt smile -- she was just a doll to photograph and anyone that has met me knows that a fun photoshoot just makes my day but this was cool on a way higher level and I'm going to explain why.   CPM Ortho in Issaquah gifted this photo shoot to Emma as their way of letting her family know how much they appreciated all of the hard work, years, appointments and commitment it collectively took to make this perfect smile a reality (The Village if you will to quote Hillary Clinton).   I'm totally impressed and frankly... my teen self might even be a little green with envy...I did three years in braces -- how much would I have loved to rock a photo shoot and show off  my own orthodontic triumph? :-) Dr. Manley is clearly buiding positive impressions one smile at a time -- and he's starting with Emma.