Senior Pictures Model Student |Eastside Catholic High School Lauren| Portrait Studio, Issaquah WA

It doesn't have to be hard.  Fashion I mean.  I know a lot of kids and parents panic when it's time to come for Senior Pictures, but really...this experience is meant to be fun, not stressful.  This shot of gorgeous Lauren representing for our 2012 Studio B Models team from Eastside Catholic is the perfect example of "easy, relaxed" beauty.  Jewel green t-shirt and loose braid was all it took to bring out her amazing eyes.  When you're planning your outfits...sometimes just getting down to basics is the best place to begin...what colors do I love is a great start.  Don't forget to finish your look with accessories...Lauren added a necklace and  little bling to her ears for a bit of sparkle.  For more from Lauren's shoot and to see other senior pictures fashion ideas, visit our Studio B Models on our Facebook page or check out Studio B Seniors website with tons of great senior portrait inspiration.