Decorating with Family Portraits | Issaquah WA Portrait Studio

Decorating with family portraits is not just something we do for our clients at Studio B -- it's actually one of my very favorite things to do in my own home as well and no room is off limits.   Getting my crew up in the morning can sometimes be a slow (and frankly grumpy) process so I wanted something fun...something playful to greet us as the family got ready to start each day.  It's important when you are designing a wall display to be thoughtful of the color scheme, mood, and dimensions.  This space is clearly "informal" done in soft neutrals with accents of blue, brown, and silver so picking the girls pajama bottoms and white cami's seemed like a perfect fit.  These Giclee canvas wraps are a mix of 30 inch panoramics bordering the 24 inch center square that is mounted inset just above the bath and ledge.  If you're thinking HOLY COW, I wouldn't even know where to worries -- that's what we do here for you  :-) The moral of my story...let us plan for your portraits -- you wouldn't put a couch in your house without thinking about the fit, function color etc so let us give the same kind of consideration to your family memories and designing with portraits.