Modern Family Portraits | Krivanec's First Ever Family Photo Shoot | Issaquah Portrait Studio

NEVER???  I couldn't believe it --NEVER? With four beautifully photogenic daughters you have NEVER had a professional family picture? That's what Mom Kay shared with me and then...look at them walking in so perfectly modern and camera-ready in their coordinated but "not-too-matchy-matchy" ensembles.  I could weep -- just perfection, all of them!!!  (Even young Jane here who decided that she was done with me before I could even begin to think about having my fill of the little attitude :-) )  Since the Krivanec Family really did turn it out, I thought we might use this post as a bit of inspiration for all of the other families that might be considering...trying to pull off a contemporary family portrait.  First:  Coordinate!  Choose a few colors that you love and shades that will accent the room that you plan to display them in.  Patterns are great, just be sure to balance them out with solids.  Second: Select your Style: Are you going moody and artsy,  happy and casual, formal and chic?  Again, let your family dynamic and where you are going to showcase these portraits help you decide.  Third:  Prepare:  Expect the ready to take off your shoes, sit on the floor, chase your child or be asked by your photographer to smooch your spouse.  The fun is in creating the memory that matches your beautiful art.  Embrace the chaos that is your clan .  We are really good at what we do here at Studio B Portraits so you can just sit back and enjoy the madness with confidence that we're going to make certain your  look amazing.  (Doesn't hurt when everyone is as cute as our 2012 Model Meg and her pretty sisters) Oh...and it wouldn't be me if I didn't add another shot to our main family website...check'em out!