Decorating with Family Pictures | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

It's like Christmas morning for me when I come into the studio and find awesome "Show Us Your Wall" Shares from our clients in my email inbox.  This one comes from the Schmitz Family. Decorating with family portraits is obviously a passion of mine and clearly it's Mom Marne's too!  Their living room features one of my favorites shots of all time -- their oldest daughter in the foreground, Mommy and Daddy blurred in the background.  We finished this piece in a weathered gray molding surrounding a  cream and navy double mat with a riser step so that the your eye is drawn to the recessed portrait.  The dining area features a four image portrait series that wraps around the room ranging from 14-30 inches in size.  This photo shoot was set with the beautiful city of Bellevue in the Fall as the backdrop.  Loved these so much that I created a similar canvas series as a display here at Studio B as well.