425 Magazine Cover Shoot | She's The Boss | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah

425-Magazine-Cover-photographed-by-Brooke-Clark-at-Studio-B-IssaquahWomen-Business-Owners-at-425-Magazine-Cover-photographed-by-Brooke-ClarkO-Wines-owner-Kathy-Johanson-and-Stacy-Lill-for-425-MagazineWomen-Business-Owners-at-425-Magazine-Cover-photographed-by-Brooke-ClarkSorella-Salon-owner-photographed-at-Studio-B-Issaquah Talk about the spokesmodels for "Women Rock!"   I had the great pleasure of photographing all of these totally awesome business owners for the new cover of 425 Magazine.   The cover was inspired by the super-cool Vanity Fair "pull out style" like you see for the Hollywood Issue (hence the panoramic pose of the ladies...when it's closed you see just the first four gals, and then it unfolds to reveal the entire image) Although each of the businesses were REALLY different, all of the women shared one thing in common -- passion!  Stacy Lill and Kathy Johanson of O Wines created their company with the goal of funding a scholarship for low income, high potential students.  Um...100% of their profit sending kids to college? -- drink up! You might know Emmy Award winning Christine Chen Velazquez from her days as an on air television journalist but today she is the tech-savy Chief of Chen Communications.  Knocking down stereo-types and lifting young girl's self-esteem one hoop at a time is Dawn Trudeau, co-owner of the WNBA Seattle Storm.  Dr. Deborah Adams, adjusting your back by day...and at night?...outfitting us in THE sassiest, most comfortable lounge wear with her chic Tangerine Collection.  Cracking-up the Eastside is Angela Dennison, owner of Laughs Comedy Spot and last but certainly not least are the family owned Sorella Salon team of Mom Peggy, Jaquelynn, Jamie, and Jessie - beautifying the women of 425 from head to toe in their gorgeous Kirkland, Redmond and Issaquah salons.  (Oooh, and side note...we're partnering with Sorella for our "just in time for Mother's Day" SUPER MODEL PHOTO SHOOT GIVEAWAY.)  For more images from the shoot and behind the scenes video, check out the 425 Magazine website.