Beautiful Day, Beautiful Girl | Enumclaw High School Class of 2012 Senior | Portrait Studio Issaquah

Outdoor-senior-portraits-of-a-Enumclaw-High-School-Girl_ChandlerBeautiful-Outdoor-senior-pictures-of-a-Enumclaw-High-School-Girl_Chandler Chandler had the distinction of being the last of our 2012 Studio B Senior Models to be photographed before we launched our new campaign this week.  Talk about representing!...Chandler makes Enumclaw High School look REALLY good in her Taylor Swift-inspired ensemble.  (Didn't hurt that we had the most beautiful cherry blossoms as the backdrop to her set too...gotta love this time of year!)  Chandler and our awesome team of Class of 2012 Studio B Seniors Models have just blown me away.  They are all like little boxes of chocolates -- completely different... never know what you are going to get, but completely sweet!  Don't take my word for's a link to our Facebook 2012 Model Gallery.  Oh...and don't forget, we're in the final days of our Super Model Photo Shoot Giveaway where you can win gorgeous hair and make-up from Sorella Salon and follow it up with a Studio B photo shoot (this is open to everyone that would like to participate...perfectly timed for Mother's Day or just a well deserved make-over treat)