Buckets, it was pouring buckets of rain for Edmonds-Woodway High School Senior Pictures with Kim | Portrait Studio, Issaquah WA

Fashion-Senior-Pictures-of-Edmonds-Woodway-High-School-Senior--GirlEdmonds-Woodway-High-School-Senior-Pictures-Girl_Bender Buckets.  It was pouring BUCKETS during our senior portraits photo shoot with Kim from Edmonds-Woodway High School. And you know what...didn't matter a bit!  This blonde bombshell rocked the most glamorous photo shoot (indoors and outdoors) and had her sister, Mom and me smiling the entire time.  Given the title of this post, I'm guessing you'd assume I'd be showing her smashingly awesome outdoor photos but NO...I had to show these because THIS is how fabulous she looked after an entire photo shoot in the rain -- yep this was our last look of the session.