Vanity Fair style senior photo shoot of gorgeous Chandler | Issaquah WA

Best-Senior-Pictures-in-Seattle-of-beautiful-high-school-girl-photographed-in-prom-dress-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah There is something about fashion that brings me back to being a kid with a new Barbie and getting to play dress up. Gorgeous Enumclaw High School Senior Chandler walks through the door and I'm telling you, I can't help but be a little more excited with each perfectly styled outfit that she brought out.  That's it...I'm saying it -- she is "Senior Pictures Barbie!"  I was loving this fabulous dress and sky-high red heel and all of sudden I felt inspired to create one of those Vanity Fair Magazine-style shoots where we mix and match contrasting styles -- the roughed-up gravel surroundings and ally that we shot this set up was the perfect "opposites-attract" portrait.  Big thanks to Chandler's Mom for the quick restyling of Chan's hair in between takes and the perfect camera-ready make-up from our Studio B make-up artist Margaret.  Want to see more? Check out the  fun outtake on our Facebook page too.