What do you get when you mix a drama queen, two twins and one awesome set of parents?

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What do you get when you mix one drama queen, two seven year old twins and an awesome set of parents?  You guessed it -- a really fun family photo shoot at Studio B.  Dad Glenn gave me the advanced heads up that we'd have a lively crew in the Krieger Family of five and as you can clearly see...they didn't disappoint!   11 year-old Jordan (who's email address has "drama queen" in the title) rocked super model poses that I would expect to see from one of our high school seniors and I've done a lot of family portrait sessions in my career but I've got to say, this was the first one where live bugs and slugs played such a prominent role...I'm pretty sure there is some sort of creepy crawly in young Zach's hand in each and every shot-good times :-)  And young Devon, this sweetheart had me laughing so hard I literally had to put the camera down.  Toward the end of the shoot, she inexplicably began to cry and would not be in the pictures.  Confused, I asked her what was wrong. , through heaving sobs she says... "I don't want to get PROSECUTED"  UM, what?  Apparently, she spotted a "No Trespassing" sign and she didn't want to get "prosecuted" for trespassing.   I'm not sure whether to be more impresssed that she was such a great law-abiding citizen or that she actually knew what the word meant! Either way, great home schooling.