TOP 3 TIPS on how to get Camera-Ready for your Class of 2012 Senior Pictures (Tip #2)

Beautiful-girl-driving-vintage-car-during-senior-pictures-at-Studio-B-PortraitsSenior-pictures-of-pretty-Issaquah-High-School-Girl-with-vintage-carSenior-portraits-of-pretty-girl-walking-her-cute-dog-in-downtown-Issaquah Time for Tip #2 for how to get camera-ready for your Class of 2012 Senior Pictures.  {Of course if you are just tuning in and you're thinking Whoa...what happened to the first one, here's a link to Tip #1 :-) } TIP#2:Dress UP and Be a "Super" Model!   Senior Pictures at Studio B are about having an awesome time and creating a one of a kind experience that celebrates this HUGE milestone of senior year.   With four different wardrobe changes, we want to encourage you to play dress up and have fun.  Get with your Mom or your friends, lay out your outfits and do a little Project Runway the day before you come. Dress head to toe, make sure your nails look good and for extra points...throw in multiple tubes of lipstick -- go from gloss, to cherry, nude to peach just to keep it interesting. Trust one does the stuff we do here in their real life -- laugh, vamp, pose, smise...we want to see it all.  Why?  Beacuse it's fun and it makes for great senior portraits that match the fabulous memories. Oh and most ready to change your plan on the fly like Issaquah High School Senior Emily here.  This Class of 2012 Senior beauty planned to be photographed in her white sundress and jean jacket with a barking good assist from her cute dog Kisses.  The easy shot would have been a little photogenic frollicing in the grass but as we were making our way down the street we saw this sweet vintage car...the rest as they say is history! (Oh and thanks to Sorella Salon for her gorgeous blow out and hair styling)