Beautiful senior pictures? This Mercer Island High School teen is the definition of Best in Class for 2012

Mercer-Island-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-pretty-girl-with-flowers-near-rustic-white-barnMercer-Island-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-pretty-girl-with-flowers-near-rustic-white-barn This was my second time photographing beautiful Kristin from Mercer Island High School and I don't know how she did it...but she was even more amazing during this photo shoot for her 2012 Senior Pictures.  We used this cool rustic shed as the backdrop for this modern floral dress and sandal ensemble.  Kristin has such a quiet confidence and I loved the eclectic changes in expression from frame to frame -- keeps it fun for me because I never know what's coming next.   I know everyone is always eager to be outside during the Summer sun in Seattle (me too actually) but I absolutely went crazy for this super fierce and very model studio shot that we share on our Facebook page.