Modeling has gone to the dogs with this Eastlake Sammamish Senior Picture Photo Shoot

Professional-head-shot-of-beautiful-high-school-senior-pictures-at-Studio-B-PortraitsHigh-School-Senior-Pictures-photographed-as-a-professional-model-photo-shoot-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah-featuring-Eastlake-Sammamish-teenage-girl with Great Dane dogModel-fashion-picture-of-Eastlake-High-School-beautiful-girl-laughing-as-she-is-pulled-by-a-great-dane Seriously!  It flipp'in DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER for me than an awesome senior photo shoot complete with a gorgeous model in Eastlake Sammamish Class of 2012 Srisa and the most random prop of all time -- yep, a Great Dane.   With the senior picture shots that I'm showing you, it's unfortunate that you cannot really take in just how huge this "puppy" is in real life.  The best indication is that he is most literally dragging Srisa through this meadow.  Ready for random notion #2?  It's not even her dog...or mine for that matter.  Here we were shooting in the meadow when we see the owner walking this oh-so-good-natured dog.  I knew I had to act I went for it "Um, can we photograph your dog :-) "  The owner was so gracious and awesome to let us get these shots -- they remind me of something we'd see in Vanity Fair or Vogue featuring Hollywood's hottest starlet!  Too Fun!  I have to give big kudos to Srisa for making all of this look so crazy photogenic...the umbrella, the dress, the heels and 175 pounds of dog are quite the handful.  Thanks to Sorella again for the gorgeous hair styling! We added one more shot on Facebook too