Boy Senior Pictures don't come any cooler than this

Best-Senior-Pictures-in-Seattle-of-Eastlake-Sammamish-High-School-boy-doing-skateboard-trick Boy senior pictures are VERY different than the girls...and mostly because the fellas grow up wanting to be Super Man (not Supermodels).   I have photographed Eastlake Sammish High School Senior Trevor before and knew that he was into skateboarding so I guess the thing that surprised me is how hard I had to plead for him to actually show off his skill!  He clearly is way too humble. The guy was totally content to just have his board in the shot without any action...but NO, I won't be denied (insert begging portion of his photo shoot) And Wa-lah -- LOVED THIS cool shot on the left.  I especially like the sign in the right corner that says "keep out" :-)  Yep, rebel times at Studio B.  Oh, and big shout out to Christine at Christine and Carrie Salon for the brilliant camera-ready hairstyling (see it's not just for girls).