Senior Pictures, SWEET! | Studio B Portraits in Issaquah near Seattle

Senior-pictures-in-Seattle-of-beautiful-Iraqi-teen-girl-from-Issaquah-High-School Fun-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-of-Issaquah-High-School-Class-of-2012-teen-with-a-lollipop

Let me count the ways for how much I loved Issaquah High School Senior Sahar's sweet floral sundress and lollipop look!  This shoot was colorful, happy and full of energy...gotta love a glam fan to really take it to the next level :-)  I say this all of the time to the teens, but it's worth mentioning here (for like the 800th time)...have FUN, don't take any of this senior pictures experience as life or death, plan your outfits in advance and throw extra props or accessories in (maybe they work, maybe they don't)  but who's fashion, just have fun with it -- it's a celebration, time to play and just take it all in!