Seriously I had to beg for this shot!

Best-Senior-Pictures-in-Seattle-of-boy-from-Mount-Si-High-School-with-his-puppy-dog-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah Cue the "Ahhhhhhh"  Love a boy and his dog together for senior pictures!!! (Some might remember Nick another favorite of mine from last season and it was well overdue for me to have one this year!)  Yep, I'm not to proud to beg, plead, gravel -- I really wanted this shot! REALLY wanted it since I saw Mount Si High School Senior Cameron post some candid pictures of his new puppy on his Facebook profile. As I've mentioned a couple of times this year...we don't own a dog (husband is allergic but he wants one anyway...we'll save that logic for another time)  I don't know how many times I put the camera down just so I could snuggle this cute little guy.  Big thanks to Cameron for indulging me :-)