Fun Senior Pictures like this...Who wouldn't be smiling? | Issaquah WA

Senior-pictures-in-Issaquah-of-pretty-blond-Mount-Si-2012-girl-with-red-mustang-in-field-laughing2Senior-pictures-with-red-mustang-of-Mount-Si-Class-of-2012-girl-at-Studio-B Holy cats, if I looked like Mount Si High School Senior Sabrina and had her smoking hot red Mustang when I was 17 years old, I'm be smiling too :-)  We had the most gorgeous day to shoot and it was really fun getting to play with all of the different angles.   I was actually inspired to do this shot in the rear-view mirror after seeing a self portrait that King's HS grad Jenn Dame did of herself a couple of years ago.   (The image was so cool and I really loved how this turned out but I will not be crawling into the backseat of someone's ride again any time soon) Also added another sneak peak to our Facebook page.