Beautiful Skyline High School Senior Pictures featuring Abby | Issaquah WA near Sammamish

Beautiful-Skyline-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-Abby-outdoors-on-the-waterBest-senior-pictures-on-Eastside-of-Seattle-featuring-Skyline-High-School-girl-Abby-at-Studio-B-Portraits Sometimes it takes me a minute...but it always comes to me at some point.  With Skyline High School Senior Abby, I literally clicked this shot outdoors on the right, looked up from the camera and said "you look like Britney Spears"  (That was NOT brand new information to her by the way)  What a beauty.  As you can tell, I'm having a ton of fun with the new 2012 Seniors :-)  For more High School Senior picture inspiration, be sure to check out Studio B Seniors at