Hotel Bellevue Contest Winner | Senior Pictures at Bellevue Club | Skyline Senior Madison for Studio B


OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Madison from Skyline High School was our winner for our Studio B Great Getaway Giveaway with Hotel Bellevue but clearly, I was the lucky one!  You're going to think it's because she's stunning...and if I'm honest, lil bit ;-)'s way more than that.  Here's the back story.  In my family life, we spend a great deal of time at Bellevue Club -- mostly it's the "no make-up, carrying the entourage of swimming equipment variety for my young girls while also hauling whatever my spouse chooses to shove in my purse too type-of-day."  (I know you are getting the visual here) But I had a dream that someday I'd be photographing this gorgeous place  the Studio B way.  And then...enter Madison and her awesome family for her Senior Pictures 2012 photo shoot.  Between her four outfits, cute little chocolate puppy, high heals, perfect blow-out and flawless Sorella make-up we did it all --the waterfalls,  the tennis court, lush gardens, the pool -- yep, yep, yep.  Shoot, I even photographed the fly Bentley that was sitting in the valet while we were in between shots (not for her senior shoot...just because it's a bad @ss ride!)   So as we were finishing up the final look at the pool, I decided to get a little bold...historically, my best shots seem to come out of just getting a little gutsy (not surprisingly....some of my dumbest shots -  that of course you never see -  also are born that way as well :-) )  These awesome Bellevue Club life guards were changing out their shift and I asked if they would mind indulging me in a little "magazine style" shot.  I wanted them to look like "bodyguard lifeguards" ....the sweet little boys splashing with the beach ball in the pool were absolute perfection!  Everyone couldn't have been more wonderful and big shout out Heather at Hotel Bellevue and Kaarin at Bellevue Club for hosting us, Sister Kennedy for her help on set, Mom Shelagh for styling and Dad Gunnar for puppy wrangling.  We'll be sharing the video from the shoot in the upcoming weeks.