The Senior Boys of 2012 are like none I've ever seen | Skyline Senior Eric at Studio B in Issaquah

Senior-pictures-featuring-Mount-Si--teenage-boy-at-Issaquah-Portrait-Studio-near-BellevueSenior pictures photographer photographing senior boy at Issaquah near Bellevue WAFun-senior-boy-pictures-photographed-outdoors-in-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-WA

I've got to be honest, the Class of 2012 Boys are collectively THE most impressive set of guys I've ever photographed for senior pictures.  Skyline High School's Eric is like the poster boy for what I'm talking about.  He was so much fun and can I tell you...absolutely zero ego (which...given how handsome, wouldn't we all understand if he had been even just a wee bit into himself..but NOPE)  Big shout out to Madison for introducing all of us!  Oh...and because we're taking this week to help all of the fellas and their Moms with clothing ideas for how to dress for senior photo shoots...I wanted to take a quick second and point out the great layering option on the left here. Layers read great on camera and notice that Eric dressed head-to-toe because you never know when a pose might include feet!  Also, since Eric plays football, including the athletic jersey and ball for one of the four wardrobe looks that we photographed was a great idea. Finally, similar to what we recommend for the senior girls, guys should always think about accessorizing too.  Wrist bands, necklaces...all good for personalizing your look. Be sure to click on the video above for a full look at his photo shoot!