Back to School Portrait Photo Shoot with my girls and...Daddy too in Seattle

Little-girl-hoola-hooping-near-graffiti-wall-in-SeattleProfessional-childrens-portraits-of-little-african-american-girl-running-and-hoola-hoopingColorful-Family-portraits-of-Dad-with-daughters-in-Seattle-photographed-by-Studio-B-Issaquah Sunday in the city doesn't get any better for me than a day with my girls and their Daddy.  Each year before the end of Summer I do a photo shoot with the girls...not a surprising tradition given that I'm a professional photographer!   This Back to School photo shoot serves a couple of purposes...(1.) It's fun for all of us but also (2.) I'm able to use the portraits for creating their personalized photo lunch boxes, Valentines Cards in February and then for me...something awesome for the walls in the house and gifts for the Grandparents.  I had seen this graffiti wall years ago and was just waiting until my girls were old enough to do this portrait session.  I wanted the look and feel to be like a super colorful school yard so I dressed them in the vibrant colors, grabbed a couple hoola hoops and we were headed for Seattle!