The Family that Plays Together...Stays Together | Modern Outdoor Family Portraits in Issaquah

Fun-outdoor-family-portraits-in-Issaquah-WA-of-Seattle-Family-CritchlowTeen-Family-portraits-in-Issaquah with a Husky dogCouple-playfully-hugging-in-the-park-during-family-portraits-in-IssaquahCute-teen-boy-portraits-outdoors-in-Issaquah-near-SeattleModern-family-portraits-with-the-Critlow-Family-of-Seattle-photographed-in-Issaquah-WA

The Critchlow Family is clearly a good time! They are the perfect example of the "Family that plays together stays together"  As we were heading out for their shoot, Mom Shelli mentioned that the last Hawaii family picture they took was gorgeous...but didn't really capture them..."On the beach walking...all perfect and loving"   So I said, well how would it really go if we were capturing the real Critchlow Family... the first shot up above was the result -- head locks, ear get the idea.  You'll also notice that Dad's loving embrace of his wife resembles more of a choke hold to the neck than a warm hug...guess that's what 30+ years of bliss gets you :-)