Modern Family Portraits featuring the Jacobs | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah Portrait Studio

Family-portraits-in-Issaquah-park-of-teenage-boy-and-girl-outsideIssaquah-family-portraits-of-teens-outside-looking-coolTeenagers-photographed-in-Issaquah-field-for-family-portraits-at-Studio-BSo you know it's a great family photo shoot when even the dog is smiling!  I had the pleasure of photographing the Jacobs kids as part of their overall family shoot and I absolutely adored these sneak peek shots. Matter of fact this one on the right reminds me of a ad campaign right out of a fall style magazine photo shoot. LOVE LOVE LOVE and you can be sure that you'll be seeing it in my 2011 highlight reel :-)  Also posted another family portrait with Mom and Dad on our Facebook page.