This was a First for Me....| Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA



Seriously good looking...that's obvious.  However given my background, maybe not too surprising right? I've photographed quite a few good looking fellas :-)  But Cody was a first for me. What's not so apparent is that Mount Si Senior Cody is more talented in making a great senior picture than you would even know to look at him here.  (I asked Cody if I could share this btw)  Following a terrible car accident, his mouth is totally wired shut.  I mean NOT a little bit...the completely closed with metal and hardware variety.  The hard to talk, not going to smile, liquid diet kind of wired shut.  Alright I've articulated just exactly what we had here and I knew this prior to his session.  I was ready for the "let's get it over with snap, snap we're done session" but NO.  This kid walks in with a smile in his eyes and one of the best attitudes I've ever seen.  Truly impressive.  Heal  soon Cody and thanks for the awesome shoot!