You know it's a going to be a good shoot when... | Family Portraits at Studio B in Issaquah

Cute-little-sisters-laughing-during-family-picturesin-Issaquah-at-Studio-B-PortraitsSister-laughing-on-bench-in-IssaquahBest-family-portrait-in-Issaquah-with-the-Denny-Family-at-Studio-BHusband-dancing-and-dipping-wife-in-the-parkYou know it's going to be a good shoot when even the dog is photogenic.  I mean the entire Denny crew is impossibly attractive.  That said, in any young family the toughest job in the whole world on family portrait day falls on Mom's shoulders.  I could totally explain the in's and out's of why this is the case but for every Mom reading this blog who has attempted to execute a perfect family picture...the beauty of the this post is I DON'T have to because you already know ;-)  Mom Lorena did such a great job and when she told me it was "slightly" stressful getting to the shoot I wasn't surprised.   Toward the end of the session...we had gotten all of these amazing portraits of the family and the girls, Mom and Dad with the girls separately, but we still hadn't got the "money" shot of Mom and Dad together.  I figured we'd try something new. I didn't tell either one of them what I was going to ask them to do...I just said to Dad Erik, "put your arms around her and do what I tell will either be completely cute...or really stupid"  I'm sure that phrase instills confidence in my clients...not :-)  Then I yelled "DIP HER!" ... I loved this! The next shots of them together were absolutely awesome but if I showed everything right now...where would be the fun in that?