Arghhhh We Having Fun or What? | Clark Family Pirate Halloween

Halloween-Pirate-Family-in-costume-for-Studio-B-PortraitsPirate-Halloween-costumes-at-Studio-B-Portraits Just had to have a little personal share from our pirate family Halloween at the Clark House.  I don't know how we kicked it all off, but at some point my husband and I decided we were really going to embrace the spirit of celebrating Halloween with our girls and it manifested as us dressing up with a family theme.  We've been Super Heroes, Wizard of Oz and then...well you can see what 2011 delivered.   Oh...funny side story.  I decided to volunteer at my daughters classrooms for their Halloween school parties earlier that afternoon.  You know the kind where everyone gets in their costumes part way through their school day?  Well I thought we ALL were supposed to dress up, so I show up looking like what you see above.  Guess what? -- ALL of the parents were in street clothes, normal go to work, to the super market clothing.  UMMMMM....Really?  Could no one have sent me that memo?  Totally embarrassing.  Anyhooo...Big thanks and photo credit to our friend Patrick for capturing my family in our Pirates of the Caribbean inspired ensembles at his Oh-So-Awesome Halloween Party! I snapped these little candids of the girls as they were literally running over to their friends -- complete comedy.